About Us


At DESIGNWEAVE, we believe that luxury bedding should not only provide comfort, but also promote a healthier world. Our founder Henry Wang established the company with a vision to innovate the bedding industry and reclaim The Art of Sleep® in 1995. Since then, we have become a trusted name in the home industry, known for our genuine quality and innovative designs. Our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation is evident in every product we create. We take pride in offering our customers a luxurious sleep experience that is not only comfortable but also promotes their overall well-being. Join us in our mission to bring a healthier and more comfortable sleep experience to everyone.

“Present-day luxury bedding typically offers little more than aesthetic design. The lost art of true luxurious sleep demands much more.”

– Henry Wang, Founder and CEO, DESIGNWEAVE


DESIGNWEAVE is a worldwide textile manufacturer with operations in Asia, the USA, and Canada. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and most sustainable products available. We are dedicated to being more than just another name in the home bedding industry – we want to be your partners in delivering the ideal sleeping experience to your customers.  As a vertical manufacturer, we oversee every aspect of the process, from design to delivery.  Our team of experts are passionate about design and continually innovating to bring you the latest advancements in sleep technology and comfort.